Pay Taxes

Summer 2018 taxes are due September 14, 2018

You may pay your taxes in the following ways:

  1. Mail a check to the township offices at: 4293 Pratt Rd., PO Box 227 Hadley, MI 48440
  2. Deliver your check in person to the township offices.
  3. After hours, you can put your payment into our drop box located outside the township offices.
  4. You can make a payment online using a credit card**.

**Please be aware, a 3% fee is charged on the amount you are paying.  This fee is from your credit card company. The Township Treasurer’s Office DOES NOT charge anything for credit card use nor do we get ANY money from the 3% fee.

If you’d like pay by credit card please click here: credit-card

Open office hours for tax collection click HERE

To find tax or assessing information on your property click here: BS&A Software