FAQ – Clerk’s Office


Q. How can I become an election inspector?

Hadley Township is always looking for qualified residents to help manage our voting precincts on Election Day. The election inspector’s job is critical to ensuring a fair and efficient elections process. He or she performs duties such as issuing ballots, maintaining precinct records, ensuring that all laws governing the operation of polling places are upheld, and finalizing paperwork at the end of the evening to close out the polls.
To be considered for an appointment as an election inspector, an interested person must:

  • Be a registered voter in Lapeer County.
  • Be at least 16 years old. The voter registration requirement is waived for inspectors under 18.
  • Submit an application to the Township Clerk’s Office.
  • Be willing to declare a political party preference so that a balanced election board is ensured.
  • Attend election-worker training.

A person is ineligible to serve as an election worker if:

  • He or she is a candidate for any office in that election.
  • He or she has an immediate family member who is a candidate for any office in that election.
  • He or she has ever been convicted of a felony or an election crime.

State Law requires that appointments are made no later than 21 days prior to an election, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply.
Applicants should also be prepared to put in long hours on Election Day. The workday begins before the polls open at 7:00 AM and doesn’t end until the elections process is completed after the 8:00 PM closing.
Precinct inspectors are paid.

Q. What time are the polls open?

Polls are open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. Voters must present valid picture identification at the precincts. If valid picture identification is not available, voters must fill out an affidavit before obtaining their ballot.
If you should have any questions regarding this election, please contact the Clerk’s office at 810-797-2117.

Q. What is the difference in the primary and general elections?

A primary election is held to select a nominee from the political parties for the offices to be elected at the upcoming general election. In a primary, Republicans run against Republicans and Democrats run against Democrats.
A general election is a race between party nominees and any candidates without political affiliation. The general election determines which candidates will occupy the offices that are up for election. Statewide ballot proposals also appear on the general election ballot.

Q. What are the requirements to register to vote?

The following are required for any person’s wishing to vote.

  • A person must be a citizen of the United States.
  • A person must be a resident of the State of Michigan and will be at least
    a 30 day resident of the township by Election Day.
  • Will be at least 18 years of age by Election Day.

If false information is provided, a person has committed perjury and is subject to a fine or imprisonment or both under Federal or State Law.

Q. How do I register to vote?

Qualified electors may register to vote or change their address in the following manners:
In Person:

  • At the Township Clerk’s Office or at the office of any County Clerk during normal business hours.
  • At any of the Secretary of State Branch offices located throughout the State during normal business hours.
  • At the specified agency for clients receiving services through the Family Independence Agency, the Department of Community Health, Michigan Jobs commission and some offices of the Commission for the Blind.

By Mail:

  • By obtaining and completing a Mail Voter Registration Application and forwarding to the election official as directed on the application by the close of registration deadline. Mail voter registration applications may be obtained by contacting the clerk’s office.

Voter registration applications can also be downloaded by clicking here MIVoterRegistration. Print the completed form and mail to: Hadley Township Clerk, 4293 Pratt Rd. P.O. Box 227, Hadley, MI 48440. Please note that a person who registers to vote by mail is required to vote in person unless they have previously voted in person in the township where they live or are at least 60 years of age or are handicapped.
At the military recruitment offices: For persons in the armed forces.

Q. Do I have to register for each election?

Registration is permanent as long as you continue to live at the same address in Hadley Township.

Q. What should I do if I have moved since the last election?

EFFECTIVIE APRIL 1, 2000, PUBLIC ACT 118 OF 1999 amended the Michigan Vehicle Code to clarify that a person’s driver license address must correspond to his or her voter registration address. If you move, you must register again. You may submit a change-of-address form either at a Secretary of State branch office or by mail. If you are
submitting a change-of-address form at a branch office, make sure to bring your driver’s license or personal ID card. You will be given a sticker with your new address for the back of your driver’s license or personal ID card. There is no fee for this service. If you chose to re-register by mail, you can download a form by clicking here MIVoterRegistration. Print the completed form and mail to: Hadley Township Clerk, 4293 Pratt Rd. P.O. Box 227, Hadley, MI 48440.

Q. How do I determine if I am registered to vote?

You can determine if you are already registered to vote by contacting the Hadley township Clerk, Cynthia Daly at 810-797-2117 or visiting the Michigan Voter information Center.

Q.How do I vote?

The procedure involves four steps:
1. You sign an application to vote.
2. You show a picture ID or sign an affidavit attesting that you do not have one with you.
3. An election inspector makes sure your name is on the list of registered voters for the precinct.
4. You vote.
Upon request, poll workers will provide you with information on voting procedures before you enter the voting station. Poll workers are not permitted to tell you how to vote, and they may not attempt to influence your decision in any way.

Q. Where do I vote?

Upon registering to vote, the application will be entered into a computer system that will assign the precinct and generate a voter registration card for the voter. The card will be mailed to the voter to determine residency. There are currently two voting precincts in Hadley Twp.
Precinct #1 is the Township Office Building located at 4293 Pratt Rd. just East of Hadley Rd. Precinct #2 is the Old Town Hall at 3551 Hadley Rd. Your voting precinct is identified on your voter I.D. card. You may also visit the Secretary of State Voter Information Center.

Q. Is campaigning allowed on Election Day?

Campaigning is allowed on Election Day as long as it is done at least 100 ft. away from any door used by voters to enter or exit. You must not distribute or display campaign literature inside the polling place, and you must not leave any materials inside the polling place.

Q. How do I obtain an absentee ballot?

Absent Voter Ballots are available through the Clerk’s office prior to an election by first filling out an application for said ballot, indicating why the ballot is needed and signing the form. The application is then
processed and a ballot is issued and mailed to the individual or handed to the voter if obtained in person at the clerk’s office. Absent voter ballot applications can also be downloaded by clicking here AbsentVoterBallot. Print the completed form and mail to: Hadley Township Clerk, 4293 Pratt Rd. P.O. Box 227, Hadley, MI 48440.
Absent voter ballot applications are NO LONGER AUTOMATICALLY SENT TO THOSE 60 YEARS & OLDER as mandated by recent legislation in Lansing. Please contact the Hadley Township office if you are 60 years and older and/or want to be placed on a “Permanent Absent Voter” list.

Q. When is the last day to request an absentee ballot?

By 2:00 PM on the Saturday prior to the election day. ABSENTEE BALLOTS requested on the Monday prior to election day must be voted in the Clerk’s office.

Q. What is the deadline to return absentee ballots?

Election day, 8:00 pm.

Q. Are absentee ballots counted?

A.Absolutely, every ballot is counted including absentee ballots. The absentee ballots are processed and counted the same as ballots at the precincts.

Q. Are you required to vote for only one party as in the primary?

NO. You may vote your ballot in several different ways.

Straight Ticket. Vote the party of you choice. You need not fill in any additonal arrows. Every candidate under that party will receive a vote

Split Ticket. Vote a straight ticket AND vote for individual candidates from other parties. Individually marked votes will count. The candidates in the other races under the party you marked will receive the rest of the votes. This saves marking every arrow if you know the majority of your choices will be from one party.

Mixed Ticket. Vote for candidates of your choice for each office regardless of party.

Q. Can a family member pick up an absentee ballot for me?

NO, unvoted ballots can only be given to the person they are assigned to. Once voted, sealed and signed, a member of the immediate household may return the ballot to the Clerk.

Q. If I make a mistake on my absentee ballot, can I return it for a new one?

Yes, up until election day. We will invalidate your spoiled ballot and issue you a new one.

Q. Must I have photo ID to vote in the precinct?

All voters must comply with the indentification requirement by showing acceptable picture identification OR by signing an affidavit attesting that they are not in possession of a picture identification. YOU WILL NOTBE TURNED AWAY FROM VOTING.

Q. Are frequently used forms available on-line?

We are in the process of converting the most frequently requested forms so they will be available for down-loading from the Hadley Township Web Site. Click below for the form you are requiring or visit the Secretary of State web-site.

Q. Does the township provide notary services?

Hadley Township provides notary services to its residents as a service. A Notary is actually witnessing you sign a document, and not verifying the accurateness of the document being signed. Do not PRE-SIGN your documents before coming into a Notary’s office. If you need a “Certified True Copy” of a document you need to go the place of origin
to obtain it. A notary cannot certify a true copy of your document.
If you have any questions, Contact Hadley Township at 810-797-2117.