FAQ – Treasurer


Q. Is there a drop box at the Township Hall for after hours?

A. Yes, there is a drop box located at the front of the Township Offices.

Q. What is happening to the summer and winter tax collections?

A. The State of Michigan has approved the shifting of all 83 counties operating millage from the winter to the summer tax collection. Starting in 2005 one-third of lapeer Counties operating tax millage was collected on the summer taxes. For the next two years another one-third will be shifted from winter to summer. By the 2008 taxes all county operating taxes will be on the summer tax bills. The result will be larger summer tax bills and smaller winter tax bills.

Q. Can I pay my taxes with a credit or debit card?

A. Yes, however a 3% fee is charged on the amount you are paying.  This fee is from your credit card company. The Township Treasurer’s Office DOES NOT charge anything for credit card use nor do we get ANY money from the 3% fee.

Q. When can I expect to receive my summer taxes?

A. Summer taxes should be received in early July. All summer taxes cover school taxes. The time period covered runs from July 1st through June 30th of the next year. After September 14th interest of 1% will be added to your tax bill each month.

Q. When should I expect to receive my winter taxes?

A. Winter taxes should be received in early December. Winter taxes cover township and county taxes. Special assessments are usually placed on the winter taxes also. The time period covered runs from December 1st through November 30th of the next year. After February 14th interest of 3% will be added to your tax bill.

Q. When is the last day I can pay my summer/winter taxes at the township?

A. The last day of February. Any unpaid taxes after that day are turned over to the county as delinquent. This is true for all Lapeer villages, cities, and townships. Starting March 1st any unpaid taxes can only be paid at the county Treasurer’s office.

Q. Should I notify anyone if I change who pays my taxes?

A. Yes. You should contact the Treasurer’s office at 810-797-2117. If you decide to pay your own taxes or if your escrow company changes, you need to let us know.

Q. Should I receive anything about my taxes if an escrow company pays?

A. If your taxes are paid by a bank or mortgage company you will also receive a Tax Notice by the Township. Most banks and mortgage
companies will request your taxes from the township.

Q. If I don’t receive a tax bill, am I legally obligated to pay?

A. Yes. As unfair as some may think that is, the law clearly states the property owner is responsible even if they didn’t get a bill. If you pay your own taxes, remember the July and December time frames.

Q. What should I receive if I pay my own taxes?

A. You should receive both a customer and a payment copy. If you pay in person, bring both copies with you. If you pay by mail, send only the payment copy.

Q. Is there any way I could delay paying my summer taxes without paying a penalty?

A. Yes. It is possible to defer summer taxes payment until February 14th if the owner meets age, disability and or income guidelines. Look at the back of your tax bill for more detail about requirements. You must fill out an application in our office no later than September 14th.

Q. How is it possible I wouldn’t receive a tax bill?

A. Every attempt is made to make sure property owner’s receive their bill. Any returned tax bills are researched and hopefully sent out to the right address. Please contact our office if you don’t receive a bill in early July or early December.

Q. Do you accept post marks?

A. Yes, but a word of caution. There have been instances where a person or escrow company thought they sent payment in on time, but the post mark was after the last acceptable date. In those instances, late fees were added. All tax payments must be in the office by the end of February because no payments can be accepted in March even if that postmark indicates late February. We do accept post marks in the September 14th and February 14th deadlines.

Q. Does the Township offer tax and assessment information on the website?

A. Just general information at this time on the assessor’s page.

Q. Should I contact the Treasurer’s office with a name/address change or a homestead affidavit?

A. You should contact the Assessing office with those requests. Each requires a form filled out and returned to the Assessing department.

Q. When are taxes due if the September 14th or December 14th falls on a legal holiday or on a weekend day?

A. You have until the next business day to pay. For example, if summer taxes are due September 14th and that day falls on Saturday or Sunday, you could pay the next Monday without having to pay penalties.

Q. How come my escrow company said they paid on one date, but your office doesn’t show it paid or it was much later than when the escrow company said they paid?

A. Many mortgage/escrow companies use a couple of tax service companies. The two largest are Transamerican Real Estate Tax Service and First American Real Estate Tax Services. These companies sometimes hold payments and combine with others before sending to the Treasurer.

Q. Am I responsible to pay interest or penalties if my escrow company doesn’t pay on time?

A. No. They are responsible and should not charge you.